Nenba Jonathan

Software Developer

A little about me

Greetings! I'm Nenba Jonathan, a software developer with a mission to architect globally impactful solutions. Leveraging the dynamic of JavaScript, Python and Go, I am committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation. My proficiency in Python extends to competitive programming and Open Source Software (OSS) contributions. Currently specializing in high-level applications for web servers, Mobile, and IoT, I am equally fascinated by the potential of blockchain technology and web3.

Technical Expertise


  • JavaScript/TypeScript (React, React Native, Node.js, VueJS, NestJS)
  • Go (Gin, Gorm...)
  • Python (Django, FastAPI, Flask)

Version Control & Blockchain

  • Proficient in Git for version control
  • Familiar with SVN (Subversion)

Resume Statement: Adept in version control using Git and SVN, I maintain a meticulous approach to code management.



  • Proficient in PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite
  • Experienced with MongoDB, Redis
  • Familiar with SQL Server


  • Skilled in Detox, Jest, Cypress, Sentry
  • Familiar with Selenium


  • Adept with Firebase, Fastlane, Docker & Kubernetes

Project Management and Communication

  • Well-versed in Jira, Slack, and VSCode
  • Familiar with Trello

Resume Statement: My toolset encompasses a range of databases, testing, and deployment tools. Familiar with SQL Server, Selenium, Docker, and Trello, I ensure a comprehensive approach to project management and successful collaboration.

Cloud Expertise

Cloud Platforms

  • Proficient in Azure, AWS, Heroku
  • Experienced with Netlify, Vercel, Digital Ocean, Render
  • Familiar with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Resume Statement: My cloud expertise spans Azure, AWS, Heroku, and GCP, enabling me to create scalable, secure, and optimized solutions across various platforms.